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headphone jacki

headphone jacki

I am having a rather annoying issue with my phone. I plug anything into my head phone jack like speakers or headphones, and my phone goes nuts. It starts making phone calls and plays what seems to be preprogrammed audio through the devices plugged in. It stops when i unplug the device if i also kill whatevers playing with the back button or a task killer. Or my android assistant. I have an inspire 4g. Any help please. Its driving me nuts. I wanna listen to my internet radio again.
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Re: headphone jacki

Are the headphones or speakers powered?
Try this. Plug in the headphones and while they are plugged in, hold down the power button, tap "restart" (keep the phones plugged in while restarting), see if that fixes it.
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Re: headphone jacki

The same thing sort of happened to me when I had my Samsung Mythic, except that it would turn off by itself and repeatedly turn on and off when I plugged headphones into the jack. I think I caused this horrible fate myself, though, as I thought I could still use a pair of headphones with the 3.5mm jack ripped off...

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