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go phone rate plan change


go phone rate plan change

its time for me to renew the minutes on both my sons phones, and i have read that i could change the rate plan for them for free, (from the 10 cents per minute plan to the new $25.00 plan monthly) but i cant find HOW to do it anywhere.i always put $25 on their phones anyway, and this would be a better deal for them but what do i need to do?

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Re: go phone rate plan change

Call 611 and using the automated system, state "more options" at the first prompt, then "rate plans". You'll be able to change your rate plan selection from within that menu. Smiley Happy
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Re: go phone rate plan change

thanks! what if i want to do it right now from the computer, is it possible? 1 of my boys minutes r expired as of yesterday and he needs a refill now while he's at school. he has his phone, i only have the computer to use for the moment, is there a way to do it like that?


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Re: go phone rate plan change

I'm sure there is a way somewhere if you log into his online account, but I'm sure your son is home from school by now. Now would be a good opportunity to switch his plan before those busy Friday night text conversations begin. Smiley Wink

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