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general questions

Hi, I have been using an IPhone for 2 1/2 years. My husband and I began with a joint account, 2 phones. In the meantime, we have gotten separated, and he has also added his cousin (I think... some other relative anyway) to the accout, and removed himself. So, it is now me and one other person on the plan. My husband is still paying my bill (he is deducting it from the monthly amount he gives me for child support, so in essence I am paying it myself, just not managing it). I would like to get off this plan and onto my own, as well as get a new phone. Is there any way to do this while keeping my same phone number? Also, what type of credit check would be involved? I am in the process of filing for bankruptcy, so while I AM employed, my credit is poor.  I can afford a monthly phone bill, but not a huge sign-up or deposit fee.   What options exist for me?  Thanks.

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to keep your number you would need to do a transfer of billing responsibility which needs to be initiated by the account holder at
a credit check is required. your deposit can be between 0 and 500 dollars
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