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future of data on wireless devices


future of data on wireless devices

Data has gotten to be too expensive for really no reason. There are companies right now working on taking on AT&T and other phone companies who are charging way more for data then they should. check out this site[3rd party link removed per Guidelines].  I hope this is true. 

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Re: future of data on wireless devices

Naturally they remove competition weblinks and this {word filter evasion} iPhone changed the word "weblink" to "we link"4 times. Usually it stops trying to spell check a word after 1 time
Anyway AT&T has gone down hill to crappy from great fast. Have you tried calling 611 in the middle of the night. You get a machine telling you there closed and to call back during normal business hours. Not all people are treated equal. That's for sure and when I got my unlimited plan it was unlimited even though they claim it's still the same it's obviously not. The first time I used over 3 Gb in a month. This month that is ibhave been paying that enormous fee since iPhones came out. Now on my 3rd iPhone with AT&T I'm mud slow down my speed they say after 3gb of network and it's 5gb of 4G traffic. Well iPhones can't get on the 4g network.
It's all money money money. Sprint that I left for AT&Tand the iPhone is still unlimted and now has iPhones and is looking awfully good to me again I think it's time titans my 200 a month bill and 3 phone numbers to sprint

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Re: future of data on wireless devices

For really no reason? Have you seen the stats on the trends in data usage? Smartphone usage has exploded, largely thanks to iOS and Android. While the wireless carriers are still profitable, they can't build towers as fast as people can consume data. In one of his final keynotes, Steve Jobs even made a comment about how it takes upwards of 3 YEARS to stand up a new cell tower in San Francisco because of the hodge-podge of federal/state/local regulations and people who don't want cell phone towers cluttering their Golden Gate Bridge views.

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Re: future of data on wireless devices

It's not so much the view, to be honest. EVERYTHING in San Francisco is historical, so getting a permit to do even the smallest thing is ridiculous. I hate when work send me up to the bay area...dealing with city/county officials up there is a friggin joke.

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