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family map registration issues


family map registration issues

I signed up for the 30 day free trial, but I'm having issues completing registration. I have received my temporary password and go through the contact info, phone numbers, and naming part. After loading for about 10-20 seconds I get this message:



Sorry, We've Encountered a Problem

We're having trouble accessing your AT&T account information right now.

Please come back and sign in to your AT&T FamilyMap account later. At that time you will be able to complete this setup process.


At think at this stage of the sign up, the kind of phones won't matter. Just in case though, the two phones are a Motorola RAZRV3 and an AT&T Quickfire. The Quickfire has unlimited data and messaging. I've tried signing up specifying just that phone and I get the same message. I haven't been able to register for the past 4 days now. Is there something I need to change in my wireless account settings first?



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Re: family map registration issues

I am experiencing this same issue. I have no idea how to use this feature. Very frustrating!
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Re: family map registration issues

I have also had identical registration problems.  Another issue is that they send a text message (to the kids who I propose to "track"), and an e-mail to me each time during my failed attempt to set it up.


Worked with a very patient AT&T rep. an hour (not exaggerating) yesterday and another one (actually two) today who tried EVERYTHING, to no avail.  In the mean time, I received 12 e-mails (saying I was set up) and the kids received 6 separate text messages.


With all these problems....coupled with the fact that they get notified that they are being "tracked" I am thinking it is not even worth trying!


Get it right AT&T before you sell the service!

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Re: family map registration issues

It sounds like you may have a PURCHASE BLOCK on your phone plan that stops the purchase of ringtones, etc.  Once the NATIONAL AT&T lady temporarily turned my Purchase Block OFF, I was able to setup and PROCESS my FamilyMap account at  Then, the rep turned the Purchase Block ON for me.  I love this service!  There are some things that need improvement.  I don't agree with my teenagers being notified with a monthly text message, but for now I'm enjoying the peace of mind receiving text messages regarding my teenagers' locations.     Smiley Happy
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Re: family map registration issues

It took me 6 days and 10 contacts with AT&T to finally get FamilyMap working (well, sort of working, accuracy is abysmal even on my AGPS phone). To save you and others some time...


1. FamilyMap is provided by a third party so you MUST have any purchase blocks removed before placing the order.


2. If you place the order without removing the purchase blocks, you will NOT see the feature when checking your account summary/features online and you will not be able to complete the online enrollment process - you will get the same error message as posted by the original poster when you select DONE on the third enrollment screen.This is true even though you did receive the temporary password SMS on your phone and lots of other security/privacy emails and SMS messages.


3.  To fix this, Customer Service will need to emove the familymap feature and then re-add it. If done properly, you will see the feature on your account summary and will receive a NEW temporary password that is different from the one you originally received. If you do not get the new password, enrollment will still not be successful.


4. Adding familymap to your other phones in an attempt to make it work will not be successful.


Hope this saves somebody the effort it took me to get this feature added and working.



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Re: family map registration issues

From another poster: "FamilyMap is provided by a third party so you MUST have any purchase blocks removed before placing the order."


Too bad the 3 ATT agents I spoke with today do not know that. Maybe that is why they couldn't help me get it to work.

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