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extended upgrade surprise!

extended upgrade surprise!

1. Recently transferred my number from company to personal number and combined wife's phone into family plan.

2. I am account holder since my employer has 15% discount with At&t.

3. Had to spend several hours in store and on phone in store with corporate customer service or some other special service.

4. Told them we wanted the basic family plan with data package for her phone and unlimited text package.

5. Was informed it will take two to three business cycles for discount to apply(strange since they always are sure to start charging for added services immediately).

6. When doing all this switching and combining we make sure we do not lose updgrade benefits. We were both eligable for upgrades at this time.

7. Go to upgrade my phone on line several days later. I go throught the special At&t premier site(for people with company discounts). By signing in to this sight it automatically extended my upgrade 90 days. My fault I did not read all the 4 font disclaimer stuff when I signed in. Now my upgrade is not eligable until April 18th. I call and am told this can not be undone. Ok I'll wait three more months.

8. I discover when I changed our plan At&t conveniently left all international texting, and roaming packages on the plan. I explicitly stated that I no longer neeeded those services. No big deal, I remove the services online to save the $10-$15/month.

9. Wife goes to upgrade to the new iphone 4 after dropping her old iphone 2 or 3. She was eligable back when we originally started all this stuff. At the Apple store associate number 1 is having trouble saying she is not eligable for upgrade. Associate number two comes up and says, "Oh no problem we got it all figure out your are eligable." Wife is happy has her new phone.

10. Small problem, the apple store guys gave my wife my phone number. My phone is disconeected in the middle of the day. This is a work day, pretty big inconvenience. Now we have a shattered old iphone with her number on it and a new iphone 4 with my number on it.

11. Saturday- Instead of doing whatever we were going to do on saturday we go to At&t corporate store. Called apple store and at&t customer service and were told this was the only way to fix issue. Ok we'll go waste a few hours. They get my old phone re-activated, her number switched to new iphone. While were here I'll go ahead and replace my three year old basic phone. Well that is not possible, my wife was not eligable for an upgrade for another two months so they used my upgrade??? At this point it is still farily amusing I figure they messed up, we'll just get it straightened out and I'll spend a few hundred on a new phone and upgrade to a data plan. I naively think since I am going to spend more money on phone and more expensive service they will be happy to have us as customers for another two years.

12. We can't upgrade my phone the apple guys used that one. At this point I have to call customer service although I am at the corporate at&t store they can not fix this from their computers. I get Mark at customer service. Mark- sir you are not eligable, your upgrade was used for a new iphone 4. Me- Wait Mark that is not the case blah blah blah. I explain the story. Mark- That is unfortunate but you guys do not have any updgrades. Me- My upgrade should not have been used, my wife upgraded her phone and was upgrade eligable. Mark- when you removed the international text packages it extended the upgrade eligability for ninety days. Ok Mark you do not get it I have spent nearly two days of my likfe trying to correct mistakes and give your company more money. I am just going to cancel these phones and go start somewhere new. I am sure someone would like to have customers that have alwasy paid an bill average about $160/month and never miss or pay late. Mark- I have to advise you there will be a $385 cancellation fee on your line. Me- Mark I have a three year old basic phone worth about twenty dollars, I never signed a new cotract and I will never pay that bill. Mark goes on about this bill as if threatening customers with a $385 fee is a good customer service tactic.

13. After hanging up on Mark and cooling off for several hours I try again thinking someone has to understand my situation. This time I get Andy. Andy- here is my story. Andy- Sir you should wait until June and you will be upgrade eligable. Me- That is not the issue Andy, I want everything back to the way it was foru days ago. Hit delete on your powerful corporate computer or something. All that I want to do is give you guys money faithfully every month for eternity. Andy- Sir I understand but once the upgrade is used we can not put it back. Me- OK Andy what I am thinking is we will take back the new Iphone 4. This will cancel out the upgrade. At this point we will only have an $85 cancellation fee. This route will cost me $85 and we will be treated as new customers at any of the places including At&t we want to get service with. Andy- That is correct sir you will need to take that phone back to apples store etc.. At this  point Andy begins acting like he came up with this idea and begins repeating it to me like we have finally found the holy grail of loop holes. Me- Andy what if I just take this to Arbitration and we cost At&t a thousand dollars or so. Apparrently these guys do not like hearing the arbitration word. They hide that service farily well. I explain to him that all that I want is the updrage restored to my phone and that I will go buy a new phone, add a data package and keep paying At&t every month. This will avoid all the hassles and wasting resources on both sides. I will give them several thousand dollars a year and they will go to sleep knowing they kept another customer from going to the other guys.

14. This was too much to ask. At&t can not figure this out. Besides all the other goofs in this epeisode there is one other issue I brought up with Andy. That is the fact that At&t allowed a user on the account to make changes without my permission. I am the account holder. My wife should not have been able to take my phone number in the middle of the day. She then received all my calls and messages for the rest of that day while I was left with a dead phone.

Conclusion: If you made it through all of this I congratulate you. We still made zero progress. Will make the one hour drive back to to apple store return phone and cancel services for the $85 fee. I've now spent more time on this issue than I spent on the paperwork and time invested to purchase my house. At&t has lost a reliable customer over several errors and misunderstandings. Corporate does not acually give the customer service people the authoruty to resolve issues or do anything besides use circular logic in telling you what happened and why they are powerless to fix it. We may still try arbitration just because I think I've got almost enough material for a book at this point.


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Re: extended upgrade surprise!

No wireless customer should suffer like this. What? ....."If u don't like it,leave".


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Re: extended upgrade surprise!

Not like its going to happen, but ATT seriously need to revamp their procedures and recognize when a customer is simply asking for assistance that clearly was not the customers fault.  I thought only the customer can make authorized changes on an account? Why the service guys spoken to did not understand this and own up to ATT made a mistake and return the account back to normal (without a charge) is mind boggling,


I have had issue with changes on my account in times past but have been successful getting a knowledgeable mgr to correct the various issues I've experienced.



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Re: extended upgrade surprise!

BassLine wrote:
 No wireless customer should suffer like this. What? ....."If u don't like it,leave".


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sorry to disappoint you, but some things just don't even deserve a reply. Then agai that is their option, there is always a way out of precieved unhappy situations.

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Re: extended upgrade surprise!

Wrdr, you don't seem to be happy, maybe you should leave. People come on these sites to share the experiences they have with a company. Most do not come on to have someone quote fine print from contracts and in general make arguments that would not seem out of place in a 1st grade classroom. Keep up the good work.

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Former Employee

Re: extended upgrade surprise!

OK, so my parent's have Verizon, dad's phone broke, he was 2 (two!) day's away from the upgrade date and they made him wait, wait 2 days or pay full price! This is the contract! EVERY carrier will enforce their contracts. If you don't like how they work, pay full retail price for your phone, contract free, upgrade at any time, iPhone 4 16GB is "only" $649. You say you never signed any contract, well your wife did, and you had to previously authorize her to do so.

"This was too much to ask. At&t can not figure this out." AT&T knows exactly what is going on here, you don't get it, you need to go and carefully read your terms of service, since you never did, "arbitration provisions" are included.

"That is the fact that At&t allowed a user on the account to make changes without my permission." AT&T didn't, Apple did, in any case she had to be previously added as an authorized user to your account by you.

"We still made zero progress." So you going to cancel your service with AT&T. They didn't do anything wrong, in fact AT&T paid $450 to Apple so you guys can get an iPhone for cheap. I don't get it, how you figured AT&T is to blame for anything here?

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Re: extended upgrade surprise!

Enough out of the read the contract peanut gallery. The issue is customer service and the waste of time and resources on both sides. What ATT has done wrong is set up call centers that are actually just buffers. They also give no authority to any of their store associates. It is nearly impossible to reach anyone that can actually fix or address any issues. ATT did make a mistake by allowing their business partner Apple to make changes to accounts. If they have not provided apple with the resources or training to sell their service that is in fact their mistake. It is certainly not the consumers. Don't worry I have already purchased full priced phones with no contracts.Thanks for your great advice.


Again I repeat the issue was the inability to handle the problem effectively or efficiently. It was not a matter of me reading my contract. There was never a contract signed by me. People with your thought train are why we are such a wasteful over litigated society. Instead of relying on common sense and decency from these corporations by your logic we should all take lawyers with us to purchase cell phones. ATT certainly pays plenty for the lawyers to write up those little contracts. Let's waste more resources on a sector that does nothing but drain resources from those in society that actually produce something useful, not just spend all day writing up ways to screw people in really small font.


If these companies were even close to efficient we could probably all lower our bills while they increased profits. What a noble concept.

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Re: extended upgrade surprise!

And next time read the whole message. My wife went to upgrade her phone. They upgraded mine. This is not an issue of user authority. It is an issue of gross incompetence by the folks selling ATT's service. They remotely turned off my phone in the middle of the day without ever even running it by me. Of course they could not remotely turn my phone back on. I had to waste my time and gas to go get it somewhat sorted out.

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