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expanded international roaming in Maharastra, India


expanded international roaming in Maharastra, India

My phone sony ericcsson W580i walkman phone and service has expanded international roaming capabilities ( I checked the terms of my contact and online, my service has expanded interatinoal roaming  selected). I have all blue bars but no network access. How can I activate international roaming?  I have emailed customer service three times since September. I don't have stable internet here, can you PLEASE help?  If possible can you email { Personal information edited to prevent spam }
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Re: expanded international roaming in Maharastra, India

Customer care: While overseas you can reach AT&T International Wireless Care in the US from your handset at +1-916-843-4685.  If your cell phone is not working and you need help call them from a landline.  If you are already overseas and your phone does not work the only recourse is to call International Care from a land line at +1-916-843-4685. They will usually be happy to call you back.

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