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evergreen a-667 takes forever to become functional


evergreen a-667 takes forever to become functional

When I turn off my phone, then turn it back on, it takes hours - literally I have been waiting since noon (and it is 2:33 pm right now) before the address book and my inbox/outbox become accessible again.


Does anyone know any steps I need to take to make this happen sooner?


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Re: evergreen a-667 takes forever to become functional

Well, it took 18 hours, but the phone finally started working yesterday morning. Then, a few hours later, I pulled the phone out of my pocket and it was "dark". No amount of pushing buttons, including the power on, seemed to help. I took it home, plugged it in, and the battery charging animation came on, but indicating a nearly charged battery. I pressed the power on button and it booted up. I let it charge all the way, unplugged it, read a few texts, and sat it down. Next time I picked it up, a few hours later, it was dark again. Again, pushing the power button didn't help, but plugging it in again launched into charging mode - showing a nearly full battery. Anyone ever see this kind of problem before?
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