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I am not sure what happen but my homescreen is 3 times larger than it should be and I can hardly use. Does anybody know how to get it back to normal size? I have reset and turned the phone off already.

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Re: enlarged!!

Settings>general>accessibility. Something was enabled in there.

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Re: enlarged!!

I couldnt get to it earlier but it's fixed now...thank you for your help. Not sure how it got enabled but it's off now.

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Re: enlarged!!

Tap the screen TWICE with 3 FINGERS. That toggles the "zoom" feature.


Once you are 'normally' in the phone, press the HOME button 3 times. That is where you overall enable and disable the zoom.

You can "preset" the zoom amount by tapping TWICE with 3 fingers AND WHILE HOLDING THE 3 FINGERS on the screen, drag up and down.


There are also someo 3rd party photo apps which enable a SINGLE tap to magnify; this is not the same although with those apps you can ue both magnification options at the same time if you wish.


With the 3 finger magnify, you can even do that when the phone is locked, i.e. before you unlock the slider.


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