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email accounts

I have a SGHi617, yesterday the second email account quit working and now it won't let me add it back on. Is there a new issue?

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Re: email accounts

Hello Wizzzzz,


I am wondering, what type of email account are you trying to re-integrate to your device. Is this a POP3, IMAP, Exchange, etc? For what you said you have more than one email on your device. Is the other one(s) working?




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Re: email accounts

I have an email connected to outlook and it works. The other one was connected to my msn account. It won't allow me to set it up. I can put in the email and password, then it says to go online and set up email

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Re: email accounts

Ok, maybe this will help. If I press the button to go to messaging, I have text at A, Outlook at B, and Set up email at C. When I go to set up email it askes for email and password, but then goes to Help with windows live.Select thelink below to access windows live hotmail account.

If I go to IM and email on the menueit only has IM for a choice.

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