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echo on samsung solstice


echo on samsung solstice

Anybody have problem echo voice on solstice? I can hear my voice sometime and people I called other site can hear their voice echoing too. It is getting more and more after 2 weeks using it. And how to fix this problem? Thank advance for any reply and suggest.
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Re: echo on samsung solstice

Any type of phone restting will erase all settings and contacts stored on the phone. So plan for it accordingly.

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Re: echo on samsung solstice

I just got a solstice 2 and having a lot of issues with my phone.  The speaker phone activates without me turning it on.

Is anyone having this problem.  Also, having drop calls and the number pad pops up without me touching it when I'm on a call.  I like the looks and feel of this phone but there's too many problems.  Please let me know if anyone is experiencing the same problems.

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