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early termation fee question


early termation fee question

I have had 3 lines on my family plan for years now  and my oldest just got her own account with At&t, Will i be able to remove her line from my account without   the termation fee? we did do an upgrade last year, would   they be willing to wave the fee or am i stuck with the line  also is it possible to port her old  number to her new account?

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Re: early termation fee question

Smiley Sad You're still stuck with the ETF if you disconnect that line in your family plan. If you're son's new account is still under 30 days, I recommend cancelling that instead under buyer's remorse. No ETF, just pay for the time phone was used. After that, process a transfer of billing responsibility for the 3rd line to your son's name. Either that or wait the contract out for a year.

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Re: early termation fee question

the etf will not be waived, what you should have done was a transfer of billing responsiblity and split her current number and line off to her own account, porting of numbers within a carrier is not normally done.

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