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e71x Camera: Feature not supported error


e71x Camera: Feature not supported error

Whenever I push the "Camera" button I get an error: Camera: Feature not supported.


I tried reseting/restarting the phone.


I have updated software to ver 3.2


Removed and replaced battery


I still cannot get it to work. It did work several times before but I haven't trie it for over a month.


Any suggestions???

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Re: e71x Camera: Feature not supported error

If you've only done a soft reset, the next logical suggestion would be a hard reset.  This will, however, delete information (contacts, apps, etc.) so a full back-up is suggested.


See here for more information:

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Re: e71x Camera: Feature not supported error



Not sure if you've given up on your E71x, but I had this same problem. In fact, I was the one who created the problem on my phone in the first place. The solution involves taking your phone apart. Mine is outside the one year warranty by almost a year, so I have no qualms taking the E71x apart. I've taken it apart in the past to clean out the dust and lint that gets stuck on the screen. One day, I had an issue with my handest speaker and had to clear it out. Unfortunately in the process, I disconnected the rear camera cable that attaches to the PCB. Just about an hour ago, I took the E71x apart and removed the PCB and discovered that the camera was disconnected. All you have to do is reconnect the cable. The camera works again and the error message is gone



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