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dumb question on iphone 4s upgrade eligibility


dumb question on iphone 4s upgrade eligibility

I just realized this, so in the past with all my other phones and upgrades i have been on a 12mo-16mo upgrade cycle for 10 years now.  When i upgraded from 3g to iphone 4 i was eligible before AT&T made the early upgrade announcement.  so shouldn't i techincally have be upgradable with in 16 months from the day the iphone 4 was launched? instead im like 20 months now (feb 26, 2012). i guess that's my only confusion with the upgrade policy, i guess i shouldn't have assumed AT&T would keep me on that cycle? if i was at the later the 16mo i should be eligible the end of october. Anyone else have this happen? I seem to be the only one on our family plan too that got bumped up to the 20month cycle.

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Re: dumb question on iphone 4s upgrade eligibility

AT&T offered early upgrades on iPhone 4's in order to lock customers who would otherwise have had expiring contracts around the time that the Verizon iPhone became available. It was a one time deal that they are not doing again.


You do have the opportunity to do an early upgrade for an additional +$250 fee this time around, otherwise you'll just have to either wait until you are eligible on the date they gave you or open another line of new service.

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Re: dumb question on iphone 4s upgrade eligibility

thank you but that wasn't the question.  I was just wondering why i have gone from my usual 12mo-16mo upgrade cycle (which i have had for over 10 years now with at&T) to 20months  now. I get i can upgrade for +$250 but that wasn't the question. 

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Re: dumb question on iphone 4s upgrade eligibility

No one knows, the same as no one really knows why AT&T choose to not offer early upgrades. They seem to have set the "normal"" upgrades to 20 months into a 24 month contract, but haven't said why. They just did.
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