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downloading phots and videos freom Nokia 6350


downloading phots and videos freom Nokia 6350

Had instructions once but lost them.  About to change phones.  How do I download accumulated stuff from my old 6350?  Have photos and videos of grandkids I'd hate to lose.

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Re: downloading phots and videos freom Nokia 6350

If you are getting a new Nokia it may have a built-in feature called "phone switch" that you can run to send your user data (contacts, photos, calendar entries, etc.) to the new phone.  I used it to move information between my E70 and my E7, and it worked very nicely.


You can also use Nokia's Ovi Suite to back up your user data and then transfer it to a new device.


Or if you have a memory card for your 6350 and the new phone has the same memory card compatibility, you can save the information you want to move to the memory card and just transfer the memory card between phones.


If your new phone will also be an at&t branded device, your local Corporate at&t store can probably also transfer everything (although personally I'd probably use that option as a last resort).

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