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dificulties signing in for refill


dificulties signing in for refill

i want to refill my account by the site, but when i agree with the terms of use, the page goes to a personal profile and ask some stuff about me... but when i try to put my state or country,it doesnt show anything besides "please select" , and i want to know what i got to do to change that, because is hard for me to go to a store right now

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Re: dificulties signing in for refill

Try selecting Spanish as the language and see if it will accept your "State" input then.  I believe that's what I've seen others indicate has worked for them (it's a known issue with the website).


Also, have you tried using the IVR to refill?  Call 611 from your cell phone and you will be given an option to "add money" - you can use a credit/debit card, a check, or an at&t refill card with a PIN number to do a refill in this manner.

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