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data plans

So for 2 1/2 years I have been with AT&T with never going over 1gb of data then all of aside. With no change to my usage I'm hitting 4gb of data in 15 days how is this possible? The only solution I get for this is to turn data off turn all these different things off well if I never had the problem before and never had to do this before why should I now I think AT&T needs to get there act together and quit charging overage of data wich they will tell u it's always your falt. And want give data back or reimburse u for the data that was charged but not used I was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan and the only reason I got out was first for the hot spot but then because my average was 1gb a month wich was an avorage over a 2 1/2 year period now all of asudden 4 and 5 gb. Yeah right I say let's all boycot all phone company lets got to a beach and throw are plans into the water there was a time when a mobile phone (computer at that ) was un heared o.f with out a customer you don't have a business They will listen to the customers in a mass because we're are who they rely on we don't need to rely on them at all we need to stand up and fight for these over priced and over exadurated plans when a line line cost $20 a mouth and gets everything u need so why doesn't a piece of technology that is used by everybody everywhere for everyday life now not cheaper when they make millions and millions of profit Charges that we pay on these cell phones could pay the national debt in a little bit of time if these millions were doing that then I'd have no complaints other then make sure my *** works functionally and properly with out the hassle of pore service pore customer service that read to u instead of talk to u and over charged rates that is absolute *** But instead we deal with these problems with all carriers not just AT&T just to make someone very rich


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Re: data plans

Search these forums for others with similar problems. Sometimes it is an issue with AT&T and some times it is with the user but there is no one fix so far.

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