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data overage charge


data overage charge

A few days ago (4/9/12) I checked my data usage by dialing *3282#, and had used 171.5 of 200 mb of data. On 4/11 I had used 181.3 mb data in the afternoon, and in the evening it had jumped to 190.3mb by 8:00pm.  I usually am connected through my home wi-fi or school wi-fi and avoid using AT&T's internet. My billing cycle ends on 4/11 and the new billing cycle begins 4/12, and it wasn't until this morning at 4:07am when I got the text stating I had gone over my alloted data and am being billed an additional $15. I find it very frustrating that I am being billed an extra $15 for probably just barely going over data. Is the text notification of data usage not accurate? Is there a way to find out exactly how much data I went over? 

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