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customer service.. part two

customer service.. part two

Thaks for the kudos.  I really appreciate them.

As for the posts about bad customer service.. I don't deny that it happens, I've had off days where I know I probably didn't do all I should have, and thereare some reps out there who may not have made the best job choice.. but it's the rep, not necissarily the company. Bad experiences should be reported to the proper authority (ie manager, supervisor) with as much detail as possible, as soon as possible, so that those issues can be corrected.

That being said.. on to part two..

These seem to be common complaints I've seen (and had) about customer care with a cell phone company. (Sorry, but as much as people want to think that it's only the company they deal with has problems, the same complaints seem to be pretty universal).. which makes me wonder which end carries responsibilty for the problem.. but anyway.

 I've been a good/loyal customer with the company. I deserve a phone for free.
First of all, what in life is free? I'm pretty sure the manufacturers of the phones are not giving them for free to the cell phone companies. I know if you try to buy a phone directly from it's maker, you sure aren't getting it for free, so how is a company selling them on behalf of the manufacturer supposed to give them for free? Without at least asking for something in return? Second, what is a 'good' customer? Do you pay your bills on time every month? Do you ever call in to customer care? How much do you spend a month on your bill? How often to you request (demand) credits? How long have you been in/out of contract, and with the company? All of these things will determine what the company is able/willing to offer you. I mean, if you've only been with the company for 3 months, and are paying $40/month for a plan, and loose your phone.. well the company gave you one piece of equipment for $200 for free.. are they going to loose another $200 (total $400) on a custmer that has only given them $120 total so far? What business would have a practice like that?

 My phone broke/stopped working. The company owes me a new phone. Ok.. BIG misconception here, and one that really irks me. Listen carefully. All cell phone companies sell AIRTIME. They may fancy it up by offering to play middle man for customers to get the equipment to use the signal they put out (kind of a one-stop shopping), and offer other fancy services that also use their network (wireless internet, messaging, etc).. but at the heart of it, they put up towers, which send out signal, that they charge customers to use to make calls. That's it. They offer a service (the ability to use their towers' signal to make phone calls), and charge people who want to use that service. Besides, if they've given you one phone (at a monetary loss to them) only a few months ago, why should they take another loss so soon to give you another working phone? They just provide the towers, it's up to the consumer (ultimately.. read your contract) to ensure they have working equipment to use the signal the carrier is making available.

 It's not my fault the tower isn't working. Why should I have to pay my bill? Cell phone companies are businesses. They are created to make money. If you want a service where you only pay for what you use, then go prepaid. Otherwise, it's a monthly bill to use whatever services you choose within that month. Yes, in a perfect world, customers would only pay for the time the network was available for them to use. But, honey, the world ain't perfect. Besides, what business would gurantee their service always worked no matter what? That would mean that any lightning strike, storm, mechanical or equipment issue, accident, anything that causes their service to stop working would be a loss of revenue, and somehow I can't see a business surviving very long with that kind of policy.

 I just pay my bill. I don't read it. It's the company's responsibility to tell me when i'm using more than whats in my plan/stop me from going over. First of all.. can I send my bills to you? If you're not reading them, how do you know they're yours? Anyway, think about that statment will you? You are purchasing a service. You use more than what was in your agreed-upon package, and incurr the charges that are set out in that package. You agreed to have the service, you are the one using the phone, and you want a company with over 60 million customers to monitor how you are using your time? The company notifies you of this in your bill (sent out every month, so it's not like it's a surprize to get one.. they even killed a tree or two to get it to you) usually in a lovely little area with a strange sounding heading like 'usage'. You have paid it. And are now upset because you did not realize you were paying for a service that you are with this company to get. Maybe I'm the only one that's confused after all. I actually like things to make sense and, within reason, be fair. Nevermind. On to

(this is another of my favorites) Why should I have to take time out of My schedule to call customer care about a problem that they should know about and fix? Ok. So, companies are businesses, not mind readers, and do not have the ability/time, whatever, to monitor every single part of every service, and make sure it's working for every customer all the time (this ties in to #3). They don't know there is a problem if no one tells them. Strange how that works. Would your mechanic know that your car is not running properly if you didn't go to him? Depending on what the problem is, it may take some time for you and the company to get it fixed. For example, if it's a problem with the phone (which is in your posession, not the company's).. you may need to take some action to get another working phone yourself. If it is a problem on the company's end, they will fix it (again, a business, wanting to make money.. if the service isn't working, they're not making money). But the fix will be at the company's schedule.

 It wasn't my fault the company's service wasn't working, I missed an imporant call/lost business. They owe me! Let me get this straight.. you chose to let important business/calls depend on a cell phone, and didn't have an alternate plan to get in touch with someone if that didn't work. Hmm.. Ok. I admit, my only phone is a cell phone, so if it dies, or quits working, I miss calls myself. My choice to have a cell phone as my only means of communication. So, according to the logic in the above statement, it's NOT my fault if my only means of commincation fails at an important time, when I did have the option of setting up an alternate (friend, home phone, email) way for people to get in touch with me. I like that. No responsiblity for my choice on what services I use. That means that if my car breaks down, and I don't go to work, I shouldn't be responsible for not getting paid. I'll have to let my boss know that the next time my car decides it's a good day not to start. (Considering I live in a city right across the street from a bus stop.. and my boss lives down the block).

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Re: customer service.. part two

kdfederer wrote:

So he should tell you that although you are getting crappy service, you should STAY. Why?

If you are unhappy and nothing is going to change, why stay?

Sell your phones to cover the ETF and go somewhere else where you can be happy and then you won't post bad comments here.

AT&T is not for everyone. There are some areas where AT&T is not as strong as others. If the others would work for you, what could AT&T do to make it better for you? Build a tower in your back yard, just for you. Not gonna happen.


Exactly my point. Customers shouldn't have to "suffer" the expense of service NOT being provided to them.


Therefore, the best suggestion would be to switch to a different service provider. Problem solved.

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Re: customer service.. part two

I can't believe this hasn't been shut down. Yes some customers are obnoxious and unreasonable, and yes some customer service reps shouldn't have the title of CSR. There is no argument here. It goes this way with every company, there are always bad eggs. It was fun to read at first b/c I can relate but its a little too much and this should probably stop.


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: customer service.. part two

I agree 

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Re: customer service.. part two


smush1 wrote:


kdfederer wrote:

So he should tell you that although you are getting crappy service, you should STAY. Why?

If you are unhappy and nothing is going to change, why stay?

Sell your phones to cover the ETF and go somewhere else where you can be happy and then you won't post bad comments here.

AT&T is not for everyone. There are some areas where AT&T is not as strong as others. If the others would work for you, what could AT&T do to make it better for you? Build a tower in your back yard, just for you. Not gonna happen.



You don't think AT&T should strive to provide good customer service?  "Nothing is going to change"?


If I am not mistaken, this is a forum for troubleshooting issues with AT&T, which is precisely what I was attempting to do.


I have been very happy with AT&T for 10 years, it is only in the last year that I have had any problems whatsoever.  And lately, my problem has been my phone not making calls.  That is one of the major reasons I pay for a cell phone, so I would like to be able to communicate with AT&T when I am having trouble; I do not appreciate being belittled or insulted, and I have tried to refrain from insulting anyone particularly, simply disagreeing with statements.


By the way, the wonderful people at my local AT&T branch told us a simple fix for our dropped calls - turn off the 3G option under Networks until the issues with the towers are resolved.  Phones are working beautifully now.  That's all I ask, don't call me stupid when I would like help with my service, just help me.


First of all, you're not being "belittled". This is a public forum. You have the right to express your opinion, and we have the right to express ours. Don't expect everyone here to bow down and swoon over your wonderful ideas and thoughtful responses. Nobody will agree with you all the time, every time. If you don't like your ideas criticized, don't post them publicly. 


Second of all, if you had a legitimate issue, why didn't you post the problem in the relevant area (Network Coverage) or as a stand alone question? There's a lot of great, knowledgeable users over here that would've been happy to answer your question. Plus, that problem you mentioned has been well discussed in this forum over the last couple years - turning off 3G was a standard fix for having dropped calls and coverage issues (iPhone users in particular). Asking your question inside a thread that was specifically about another issue would ensure that a lot of our smarter users would've been unable to see your issue, and thus not given you an answer.


To wit: Complaining about not getting your question answered is ludicrous when you didn't ask the question to begin with.


See, that's the gist of what this thread was about - the customer is NOT always right, and frankly people should take a lot more responsibility for their own problems rather than just complaining and lashing out in an unproductive way. 

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Re: customer service.. part two

The only way things will change, is if the company starts losing customers. When the customers start leaving, they will try to correct things to stop the bleeding.

If the company is still growing, they are not concerned about 1 complaint. 100 or 1000 people complaining from the same area may get a postive response.

If the service is not doing what you need and they will not respond to your request for tech assistance, your only recourse is to go to a different provider, unless you know 1000 people in your area and get all of them to call too.

This is a user to user forum. I am a user, just like almost everyone else on the site.
*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: customer service.. part two

Hi Rosa.- I read another post of yours where you provide an 800 number to talk to customer service and get an unlock code for an HP Glisten.  My question is, I was with AT&T, then I had to move down to Mexico to do a job that is taking a lot longer than predicted, but in the mean time I bought an HP Glisten on Ebay thinking I could use when I got back to the States, but would like to use it while being down here (they got gsm network also), what can I do to get a code not being a current customer?

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rosa.limones wrote:

allmost cry when i read it Smiley Tongue

i agree, this should be the contract!



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Re: customer service.. part two

You can buy it on eBay, I did before and it worked perfectly.

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