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contacts on Inspire


contacts on Inspire

so i have duplicates on my htc inspire 4g and i am trying to delete some of the contacts but i am not getting the option to delete them.

i have tried press and holding the contact name and no option to delete.

i have tried opening the contact and pressing the menu button and still no option to delete the contact.

it doesn't even let me edit them either,


how can i delete contacts without the option? do i have to factory wipe my phone ? god i pray there's a easier/better solution,


thanks in advnace.

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Re: contacts on Inspire

How are the contacts saved? To the phone, SIM, Google, Facebook, exchange? How they are saved dictate what options are available for editing and deleting.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: contacts on Inspire

they are synced just to the phone. half are dr's numbers so i don't have then on fb nor google, etc

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Re: contacts on Inspire

it seems that the contacts that show UNKNOWN to the right of their name are the ones i am unable to delete...what do i do?

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