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code 37 AT&T communication manager and dell laptop


code 37 AT&T communication manager and dell laptop

I have a Laptop Connect card, Option wirelss GT Ultra Express, model GE0302.

The card works fine, and has worked on various laptops, but on a new dell lattitude e6410 it causes code 37 errors for the touchpad and the controlvault in the device manager.  When this happens, the card doesn't recognize when you plug it in.

I've downloaded and tried the latest version of AT&T Communication Manager, sorry forget which version but it was a later version than what installs off the card.  That did not help.

So far I've narrowed it down to being cause by the AT&T Connection Manager software, if I don't install that I am ok, no conflicts.

Are there any solutions to this?

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Re: code 37 AT&T communication manager and dell laptop

I have a Dell laptop as well, the Latitude E6400, and had the same problem when I upgraded my laptop connect device (to the Mercury).  I'd actually used something other than the Communication Manager with my prior device, just because this other program is more reliable.  It's called 3G Watcher - by Sierra Wireless.  I'm no computer expert, but the way I understand it is - Sierra provides the wireless (and otherwise) connection for AT&T, via laptop connect cards, mobile devices, etc.  So, using their download is like going straight to the source instead of the interface AT&T created (Communication Manager)!  

You can download 3G Watcher from the Sierra website at .  

I've never had the problems with Watcher that I had with Communication Manager...  And - if it still doesn't work with Watcher, you may have to call the tech people at AT&T and they usually can do what's needed to get it up and running.  In my experience, that just involves changing some of the settings on your computer and the Watcher program.


Good luck Smiley Happy

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Re: code 37 AT&T communication manager and dell laptop

the 3g watcher will only work on sierra products. The aircard in his question is an option. and put in the imei for the device and it will give a more approprioate download.


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