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cannot use my at&t card on my iphone


cannot use my at&t card on my iphone

Hello Everyone,


I just came to USA for 5 weeks in order to have a good holiday so in that case decided to have an mobile phone which includes at&t simcard on it. However i have been already using my iphone 3gs which is bought from turkey. The problem is i cannot use my at&t card on my iphone. So what is the problem in here ?



Thank you.


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Re: cannot use my at&t card on my iphone

So you bought a SIM that had been activated on another phone number, like someone using their card in their phone and then just taking it out and selling it as is? What are you trying to do, use their phone number and account, or get the SIM reprogrammed for your number? And what is the passcode for? Getting into the seller's online account?

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Re: cannot use my at&t card on my iphone

Is your iPhone locked to your carrier in Turkey?

If so, do they offer the option to unlock it?

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Re: cannot use my at&t card on my iphone

well i suppose you did't understand my problem. in usa they don't usually sell contracted phones and i believe that these phones doesnt include simcard on it. however in turkey you just buy your simcard from your gsm company and installed it to everyphone you want.  so my problem is i dont want to use 10$ phone just they forced to me buy. i've aldready bring my iphone here and wondering why its not working with it i mean the simcard that gave me with 10$ phone.  I don't understand why did they give me simcard anyway if nobody uses it in here. 


by the way my phone just works perfect in turkey it is unlocked to every gsm company.

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Re: cannot use my at&t card on my iphone

Why was my post above moved to this thread? It was a response to the other thread that you closed. It makes no sense in this thread.

Please either delete post #2, or move it back to the other thread where it belongs.
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Re: cannot use my at&t card on my iphone

ATT does not permit iPhones on their pre-paid sims like the one you bought. ATT requires a data plan for any iPhone used on their network and the last time I checked, they do not have a data plan option for iPhones.

Since you have your own phone, you can get a regular plan w/o a contract and go from there. You may need a deposit etc... Unfortunately the GSM carriers do not work as easily here as they do in Europe and elsewhere in the way you would like to use it.


For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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