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canceling iPad plan from abroad


canceling iPad plan from abroad

I moved to the UK a couple weeks ago.


Shortly before my move, I purchased an iPad2 at the Apple store in San Francisco, and got the AT&T prepaid data plan ($25 for 3 gigs). Somehow I didn't realize that this was an auto-renew plan that I had to cancel, otherwise it would keep charging me every months.


So now I'm happily in the UK, have thrown away my AT&T sim card a long time ago and am online with a local carrier.


And just received an e-mail from AT&T announcing me that I had just been charged $25.- for my auto-renewal of the iPad plan.


In order to cancel my plan, I would have to do that from my iPad. Even if I still had the sim card, I couldn't, since the AT&T sim doesn't work in the UK


In order to get in touch with AT&T support, I'm required to log in, with a wireless number, which I don't have (it's an iPad plan), or call a 1-800 number, which is impossible to do, from outside the US.


There seems to be no option to get in touch with AT&T via e-mail, there also doesn't seem to be an option to get in touch with AT&T via regular (non 1-800) number either, there doesn't even seem to be a mailing address where I could cancel via regular mail.


What can I do? Am I doomed to have AT&T charge my credit card with 25 bucks/month for all eternity? I won't be back in the US for a good long while and I'd rather not be paying $25.--/month month after month just because all the options of canceling are only accessible from within the US.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: canceling iPad plan from abroad

Call att @ 800 331 0500, have them locate your ipad account by name or ssn then tell them to cancel the account entirely. No point in having an ipad account if you're not using it am i right? That should cancel the data plan and services for the ipad.
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Re: canceling iPad plan from abroad

my bad, i didnt read that bit about you not being able to dial att @ an 800 number. try 916-843-4685 (international care) they should beable to get you in the right direction.

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