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can not obtain "mylocation" while on edge network


can not obtain "mylocation" while on edge network

So for the last month and a half when I'm on the Edge network which is like 90% of the time....mylocation based services are unable to obtain my location. If i'm in 3g it will still work or if i'm in Edge and turn my wifi on it will it is obtaining the location but it's like with out 3g or wifi it is unable to acess the agps server or something....and of course NO ONE at at&t even understand what i'm talking about.... like I refrence the weather on the UI of htc sense and they're like " do you mean you downloaded a weather app? It's like hello don't you know anything about ANY of your phones...... google maps is also unable to locate current location while in edge and it's not just my wifes flight on google maps has the same problem no current location while in edge only on 3g(her phone doesn't have wifi) and it always use to work.

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Re: can not obtain "mylocation" while on edge network

That's odd - I've used Google maps to locate my location on a couple of trips recently (Thanksgiving weekend and the following weekend) without any issue.  I'm using a non-branded Nokia E70 and it's on Edge/GPRS.

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