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bluetooth on the backflip

bluetooth on the backflip

Okay, I just found out today that my backflip does not support file transfer. I went to the market to download what everyone has downloaded so I able to transfer files from device to device, the app was called "bluetooth file transfer" well it's no longer in the market and I'm clueless when it comes to things like this. So I downloaded some other kind of file transfer but had no idea how to use it. Can someone please help me. What should I use if there is an app for it. I really dont care about file sharing for my computer or all that stuff for contacts I just want something that I can use to transfer files from device to device. Also can you please tell  me how to use it after I get it installed, and do i need to diable wi-fi when using. Thanks so much!!

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Re: bluetooth on the backflip

For the Bluetooth File Transfer app, use your phone and navigate directly to their website:  Medieval App Website


To use it to transfer files you can either do a single file by long-pressing it and selecting to send using bluetooth, or you can open the app and then navigate through the folders in your phone to do a batch send.

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Re: bluetooth on the backflip

I just use the Media Share app and am able to transfer via bluetooth or wifi

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Re: bluetooth on the backflip

I use Bump as long as you both have it on your phone its great.....just select the person the file contact app pic or whatever and then hit bump fist....bump each others fist and its sent  

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