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blocking a number without smart limits!!!


blocking a number without smart limits!!!

i do not have a child of age to use a cell nor do i need the smart limits feature yet. i just want to know how to block one number from mine and my hubands phone.....this feature was on here and you could block up to like 5 or 10 numbers for free and now i cant seem to find it anymore! please help!

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Re: blocking a number

No such functionality exists in iOS.

AT&T offers a service to block calls/texts but there is a monthly fee.

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Re: blocking a number without smart limits!!!

I'm not sure if this is  the same for all phones; on my phone I went through each menu and listings to figure this out and finally did Smiley Happy  I found mine under the CALL icon and under this is where I scrolled and found what I was looking for..."CALL REJECT".  Gee this has made a difference for me as some people do not grasp the kindness of asking them to please not call after a certain time.  I'm also able to turn this off and on and add from my address book.  If not in my book (which I rarely answer unknown numbers) I find a name for them and handle it the same. 

Do you happen to have your owner's manuel?  If not, you may find some help when you log in to view your bill and such and here it normally shows a picture and model of your phone said number (even if you have a family plan it shows each number and model... yada yada yada).  You are given an option to view your phones' features and such.  If outdated information is here, I believe you are able to update and go from there. 


The good is that the phone doesn't ring (not sure what the message says to the caller; I'll find out soon) just shows that there was a rejected call from so and so.  What I have noticed, though, is that they are able to leave a text.  Although, I don't open unless I want to.  Because, they may have a notification on their side to show them when their message was received.  So, I "Ignore" this and if wanted, I can open up my message center and click on my "In Box" and see a list of names who have sent me messages and not necessarily open up their message - most of the time I just delete from here; they'll never know I got it. 


Hope this helps.

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