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black berry 9530 unlock


black berry 9530 unlock

i have a used blackberry and am not in us


and i cant use another sic card > no network supported <


what shoud i do to unlock the phone? so i can use alocal network



bb 9530

pin {removed}

IMEI {removed}




{personal information removed}

than you verymuch

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Re: black berry 9530 unlock

there are plenty of sites which will provide you an unlock code for $5. I pick this one -, and it worked fine.
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Re: black berry 9530 unlock

and it's free.

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Re: black berry 9530 unlock

The best way to unlock your Blackberry Storm 9530 is to buy unlock codes from a trusted vendor. Search internet for mobile phone unlocking websites. You will come across a thousand websites who can do this. Choose which ever you like. Do look for price comparisons and the unlocking instructions.


Recheck the Model number- Network to which your phone is locked to and the IMEI number before placing an order. If you made any mistakes in these details these people will never give you a refund!! One more thing, before placing an order ask them about the conditions for getting a full refund in the case of a code failure!


Think and make a wise decision. I have personally bought the code for my Blackberry Storm from It is because they have good reviews on most of the mobile phone forums. I got my phone unlocked successfully from that website. I think their codes don't fail. The web link for the above mentioned web site is 

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Re: black berry 9530 unlock

Make sure that if you plan to unlock your Blackberry that you know your phones MEP number. Just providing the IMEI number to do the unlocking is not enough, as the code is different depending on what carrier network the phone was originally locked to.


The blackberry only comes with 10 attempts to enter a correct unlock code. After that, at 0 attempts to enter the MEP2 the phone will hard-lock and cannot be unlocked. There is an MEP reader at this link that will let you access your blackberry's engineering screen and read the MEP number on your handset: {please keep it spam free}


Step by step instructions on how to enter an unlock code into a blackberry (9800, 9780 etc...) can be found here: {please keep it spam free}


Also after entering an unlock code for  a Verizon 9530 storm, you need to change the wireless settings to UMTS/2G in order for it to work on a GSM network such as AT&T or T-Mobile. Verizon is a CDMA network so the blackberry is set to CDMA by default. 

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