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On June 23rd the lady told me to pay $xxx.xx today June  29th.  I did pay that.  Called and they told me that since the account was cancelled June 24th [see above] I had to pay another $xxx.xx.  Paid that unwillingly.  Then they told me I had an old Uverse account for $----.00,  NO I DON'T.  IT WAS ZERO BALANCE PRIOR TO ME CANCELING IT FOR THE INABILITY OF THE EQUIPMENT TO WORK RIGHT.  And was told in July 2011 I was paid in full until the August bill.  It never made it that far.  Restore turn on my freaking cell phones


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Re: bill

If you had uverse and returned the equipment you still have to pay for the service, if there was an issue with the equipment that should have been discussed at the time you cancelled the uverse. 
If you did not pay as agreed to the payment arrangement they WILL turn you off!


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