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being ripped off by AT&T


being ripped off by AT&T

AT&T switched from a $60 a month unlimited plan to a $50 a month unlimited plan. I was not aware of this. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nearest AT&T store is 2.5 hours away.  And I do not watch much TV. Because of where i live and limited service area and large blackout areas i do not always get my texts. At&t has been overcharging me $10 amonth for the last 6 months. I called customer service and requested a plan change and a refund of half the over charges for the last 6 months and was told that i had to have seen a commercial on tv or been to my at&t store and saw promotion. Or listen to the radio and heard an ad so they couldnt refund me because i was aware of it.  I was treated like crap by the following customer service reps and lied to also btw, Ian, Burt Russell, Victor, Will, Angela and Michael. When i would ask for a manager it sound like i was talking to the same person but with a voice change machine. They would not give me there names when i repeatedly asked for them.  What im asking for is not unresonable. They should have automatically switched everyone from the $60 a month plan to the $50 a month plan. The $60 a month plan is not even available anymore. Im only asking for a partial credit. Half of the $60 they over charged me. 

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Re: being ripped off by AT&T

There are 1000s of customers that are still on the $60 a month unlimited plan that they are blatantly overcharging because the customer is not aware of the $50 a month plan.
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Re: being ripped off by AT&T

When AT&T changes rate plans, they do not automatically change customers rates. They do the same thing when they increase rate plans. The plan that you signed up for stays with you until you change the plan.
It is not AT&T's fault that you didn't know the price changed. If the price went up and they automatically changed your account, you would have screamed because they changed your rate.
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Re: being ripped off by AT&T

there are always increases in everything, my gas bill goes up every few months.  They automatically increase my bill.   What im really upset about is that customer service that i received was awful, i was lied to, and treated like crap.  but when there is a rate decrease it should automatically apply. And i should have been compensated for the overpayments on my behalf.  I should not have had to hear the crap that the customer service people were feeding me. If any of my customer service reps were to talk to any of my customers that way they would probably terminated or severely reprimanded. Should have been no problem crediting me half of the overcharges. 

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Re: being ripped off by AT&T

You signed a contract....that means you are stuck with your plan for duration of contract. If ATT changes there plans thats for new customers or those signing a new contract. They don't have to reimburse you for signed a contract!


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Re: being ripped off by AT&T

Is this regarding the recent addition of the $50 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web plan offered as a prepaid GoPhone plan?

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Re: being ripped off by AT&T

As wild banchi said, it sounds like you're referring to the new $50 gophone plan. Is that right?


I'd be happy to have someone give you a call to go over this situation and see what we can do to set things right. 


Will you please send me a private message with your name, account number, phone number and the best time to contact you.

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