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backordered and frustrated


backordered and frustrated

So I was so excited that I ordered my iphone 4 last friday!  I ordered a referbished one, trying to save some money since Im a student ( after being laid off ) and we're doing the one income thing right now.  Besides that my husband had gotten a Samsunge Captivate as referbished and we havn't had any problems with it at all.  My darling son ( 2 yo ) dunked my cell in a glass of water shortly after I'd gotten it a year ago and its finally thrown in the towel and Im acutally using a very old back up phone right now.  But was trying to make it to when I could get the discount on a  new phone/contract.  Since I was up for a new phone I figure, eh, why not get a fun one!!  Im a Mom, I dont do things for myself very often. 

So the order went through and I was so excited all weekend anticipating the arrival of my new phone in the coming week.  Only to recieve an email on monday that the phone is back ordered.  WHAT???? 

So I log into the chat to find out when I could possibly expect my phone ( the email stated if it is not shipped within the month the whole order will be cancelled ) but no one seems to have that info.  Apperently there is a shippment that is due to arrive, but no kind of time frame ( becaues it was probably a story to get rid of me ).  I couldn't even get the techs story straight as to if it [the shipment] would be referbished or regular.  She stated that all iphones were out, which I seriously doubt. 

So really, ATT.  You need to either update your system more regularly or pony up when you've made a screw up like this!  Im not generally one to want something for nothing, but if you cant give me a time frame, or at least confirmation as to whether my order will be cancelled or not, then I'd like to be compensated with the same phone that IS in stock.  Serioulsy, if I had known that they were out of stock I would not have ordered it.  And by ordering it, I excpected that it was availible.  The support people that I have tried to talk to will not transfer me to anyone who might acutally be able to answer my questions and I just get a big "Too bad, so sad. Sucks to be you. "  I've been with ATT for years and I"ve always been really happy with their support.  This his honestly my first bad experiance and Im really frustrated over it. 


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Re: backordered and frustrated

Well it's Apple that supplies AT&T in first place, and AT&T will get then as soon as Apple shipped them.

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Re: backordered and frustrated

Im mostly angry that they would "sell" me something that isn't even in stock and that they have no idea when it will be in stock!  And that if it dosen't come back into stock in 30 days then the order will be cancelled and I'll have to start over.  Forgive me but that is garbage! 

I expected to recieve an iphone 4.  Now Im not sure if I will get one or not or when?

Can you see my frustration?

I probably wouldn't be as angry if I could have some kind of time frame.  But what crap business to just sell things with no idea when the replacements will be in.   


My situation isn't dire.  I can function w/out a phone, although Im not happy about it.  Especially since I believed that I'd ordered a phone that was availible.  But what if someone needed their phone for work? 


I should expect that if the phone ordered is not available that a suitable replacement (such as new ) should be given!  However, I know it will be a cold day in H E double hockey sticks before that would happen.


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