att voicemail problems for months now


att voicemail problems for months now

Boy, they don't make it easy to figure out how to post on here!!


Just wanted to vent my displeasure with ATT.  I've been with them for 12 yrs (Cingular back then) and since April of 2011 have been having one voicmail issue after the other.  Finally today, after spending another 1/2 hr on the phone and finding nothing wrong, I thought to get online----yeah, there's something wrong and they are unwilling to admit it. 


So far, with 10 mos. worth of documented issues and phone calls, they've credited me $30 (this is what they offered) after the first couple of issues and then I demanded more this last time--they upped it to $60!  So, for 12 yrs of loyalty, with my phone being for business---I've owned the business for 12 yrs as well; got the phone when I started the business----folks inability to leave me a message and say that they might want to hire me, is worth $90----and that's after roughly 7 phone calls and countless hours spent talking and pretending to do something!!  $90.  Laughable---as is the customer service. 


Glad to know on one hand that I'm not nuts, but on the other hand incredibly frustrated with their lack of honesty and unwillingness to even make any sort of effort to make up for their lack of service.  They give you a meager something after you practically demand it----even after I've paid hundreds per month for having gone over my minute plans in the absolute joke and I will be gone as soon as my contract is up----even earlier if the problem isn't resolved soon.  I don't see how I can be bound to a contract of service, when they aren't fulfilling their contractual obligation.  Take care.

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Re: att voicemail problems for months now

whats wrong with ur voicemail?
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Re: att voicemail problems for months now

Honestly voicemail rarely beaks, and your entire area shares the same platform so if it really was a voicemail issue everyone would have the same problem. Suspect the issue to be the phone or just poor service
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