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att mifi only allows wifi when not charging..


att mifi only allows wifi when not charging..

i was able to connect to my myfi for about a week, after that the myfi device will not allow anything to connect to the internet unless you charge it then run it off the bat. i updated the firmware the day i got it... whats the problem?

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Re: att mifi only allows wifi when not charging..



Unfortunately, from what I have read in various forums on the web, this is the way the device was designed to work. If you have it plugged into a USB port on a computer, I believe it flips itself into USB Modem mode, like a AirCard device, and only provides network services to the one device you have it plugged into. I'm assuming you would need something like "AT&T Communication Manager" software to use it in that mode, and it wouldn't allow sharing of the connection with any other devices.


The good news is that I have seen some notes on the web about how to alter a standard USB cable to remove the data wires from the mix and make the Mifi think it is plugged into the AC charger even when it is plugged into a PC. Some report that this has allowed them to use it as a wifi router even while it is plugged into the computer USB port to charge. I have not tried this yet as my MiFi should get here today, but I can promise I'll be trying to figure this out as soon as I get mine..


On a side note, if you search for "Mifi 2372 Extended Battery" you can find a company that sells a 12 hour battery with larger battery cover that is made for this device. It is about $90 to b uy one, but bringing the battery life to 12 hours might just be worth it if we can't figure out how to get the thing to charge and act as a router at the same time..


Let me know if you try any of these options!



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Re: att mifi only allows wifi when not charging..

Hi, I saw your comments about the MiFi and not being able to use it except on the batteries....


I have been using a ATT MiFi for two months now.  The manual states " Ensure that the device is charged or connected to an electrical outlet"    I have no problems staying connected all day long using the AC charger that comes with the MiFi unit.  


The manual doesn't say it can be powered from a USB port.  


My main usage is in house for business and very seldom do we use it on the road.  When we is as a fully charge unit or again by plugging in into it's battey charger which come with the unit.  


Something for you to think about.  


Good luck.


May the good lord take a liken' to ya.



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Re: att mifi only allows wifi when not charging..

The problem doesn't happen when you plug into the AC adapter. It only happens when you plug into a USB port on a PC.. FYI
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