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att is a poor excuse


att is a poor excuse

att is a poor excuse of a carrier

 i used to have a contract thru them but became disabled and could barly speek so i went to the pay as u go. i supposedly got 250 talk mi. and unlimited text for 25.00. WRONG they still say i do, but i checked my usage aginst what they say i have left, they r giving me 200 min.

 i guess they consider being handicapp means ure stupid and cant add also, then as any of u know when there is a problem ppl like me cant email them and say hey where is my other 50 min. or lower my monthly, either way.

 y is it just cause ppl go to the go phone they cut off the email or chat options, just because you dont pay those high x$*& prices they charge for contract services, which are only a rip off for all most ppl use the phone for anyway.

 after i write this i am going to start looking for a better carrier, one that care about all there customers.

 i remember sprint had a good pay as u go and so did VERIZON and they took care of those customers, so verizon is my 1st stop.




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