at&t avail wifi/data issues

at&t avail wifi/data issues

I recently bought the AT&T Avail phone. Love it, but I am having issues with the wi-fi and data usage on it. I have the wi-fi on almost all the time because I can connect to wifi when at work and at home. However, after five minutes of not using it, the wifi will turn off and I can't get push notifications for email and what not. So unless I have the 3G data turned on, I'm stuck with no notifications. But if I do have the 3G turned on, then my data gets wiped out in no time. Is there any way to fix this or am I just stuck with it this way? I can't afford to be having to buy data over and over again jsut because the darn wifi won't stay on. This was never an issue on the LG Thrive...

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Re: at&t avail wifi/data issues

The Wi-Fi connection deactivates itself when the phone is not in use in order to save battery life. No matter if you leave Wi-Fi on or not, it will continue turn off when the phone is not being used.

You can try to make it last longer by setting your Avail's backlight time to a longer duration period, but you may see a significant decrease in battery life.

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Re: at&t avail wifi/data issues

I just got to my hometown for Christmas. The wi-fi back in my childhood house stays on ALL the time on my phone, but the wi-fi where I live turns off after a few minutes. Clearly this is not a phone problem. What would I have to look in to on my wi-fi settings to correct this?

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