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at&t avail battery


at&t avail battery

I recently purchased the att avail gophone, and am seeing that the battery is not lasting as long as the user's guide and online say it will. It might last about 5 hours, and I am not constantly using it. However, it does say that the battery should last up to 9 days on "idle"..what exactly is "idle mode" and how do I put my phone to it?

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Re: at&t avail battery

Idle is when your phone is sitting idle, not being used. I would assume that for 'idle mode', you would have to put the phone in airplane mode, close all apps, and lower the screen brightness.

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Re: at&t avail battery

From the homescreen, press MENU --> Settings --> Location & Security. Turn off GPS which is a huge battery drain. You can come back to this same screen and turn GPS on when you actually need to use it.

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