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at&t 3G Microcell and iphone 4.., got $100


at&t 3G Microcell and iphone 4.., got $100

I called at&t today and gave them heck about my at&t 3G Microcell. It causes my iphone 4 running ios 5 to go into 

searching mode and calls aren't being made or received. Its been an ongoing issue since the release of ios 5.


I've tried disabling handoff and putting the phone 4 into airplane mode. I replaced the sim module and I replaced

the iphone. I called apple and spoke with executive relations and Nathan at applecare. I sent them telephony logs

and they told me that there is nothing wrong with my Iphone and it is because of the Microcell


I have also tried de-registering it. 



I called at&t and told them my at&t 3G Microcell is 5  months out of warranty, they wouldn't help me. The Microcell

lady told me she can de-register it so I can "do it as I please". I was upset. They put me in contact with billing and

they gave me 2 x $50 credits on my bill. 


your mileage may vary!!


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