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arena touchscreen phone


arena touchscreen phone

the lg arena any comments on it? it looks like a nice touchscreen phone. how is the design/what is it made out of, hows the battery life, the capacative touchscreen? overall give me a nice overview of the phone =]

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Re: arena touchscreen phone

anyone? all comments would be appreciated, and i used to have the VU, so how is this phone compared to the VU since it replaced it

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Re: arena touchscreen phone

Yes, I will give you my two cents worth.  Unfortunately it isn't a very positive two cents.  I was so excited about the specs I read when I googled "LG Arena", but you know what?  The specs I was picking up were the 900 model from overseas, and I didn't realize it.  The AT&T model of the Arena (gt950) is WIFI, no FM Radio, no FM transmitter, no 8gb of internal memory and the OS has been dumbed down considerably (cool visual effects like the contacts caraousel, etc are gone).  This phone is not very customizable.


The battery seems to wear down pretty quick.


The TV feature is nice, and both the camera and video camera applications work nicely...nice pics and fact, it's probably the best vid camera on a phone I have seen.  Plays videos like divx and MP4 quite nicely as well.  Touch screen is pretty responsive and call quality is good.  Reception is average.

The phone looks and feels good in the hand...very stylish.


It's my own fault...if I had done a bit of research I would have found out more about AT&T's version of this phone.  Yeah, I can return it but there's really not much else better out there unless you move up to a windows mobile phone (in my opinion).  That's what I came from (Tilt), and I am so used to being able to customize the heck out of that and have all these cool features, that I feel like I am really stepping backwards.  I would get another windows mobile phone but now AT&T is requiring a $30 data package on top...I feel like I'm being held hostage LOL.


Ah well, it's only a phone, it's not the end of the earth.

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Re: arena touchscreen phone

Do yourself a favor: spend the extra money to get an Arena km900. It's a fair phone, with all the stuff you might want to use when you finally get well and completely fed up with ATT's unremovable bloatware and nickel-and-dime-to-death philosophy, and find another cell phone provider.

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