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apple id help


apple id help

i need some help. i have two apple ID'S i need to belete one of them, does any one know how to do this?  i could not use icloud today or imessage becuase i could not sign into apple with my ID! then i got the password screw up for the one i use the most. now the account  is locked for 8 hours.  so how can i delete one of the accounts?

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Re: apple id help

You can't delete an Apple ID.  The most you can do is delete whatever personal info you have stored in the account and leave it alone.  You can reset your password though--go here:

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Re: apple id help

You can change your email, which is your Apple ID--or at least that's what their phone support told me recently.

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I think another way to stop using an ID, is to go to your Account and delete the credit card it is using.


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