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alarm on my new I Phone 3


alarm on my new I Phone 3

Could someone please instruct me on setting the alarm on my new I phone 3G. I set it and it shows thelittle clock on the front of phone but the sucker doesn't ring when is supposed to!  I have to have myalarm on my phone to wake me up!!!  esty

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Re: alarm on my new I Phone 3

You sure you have the right day pattern set? Am/PM? Volume loud enough to hear?


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Re: alarm on my new I Phone 3

Be sure you have the time correctly set and on repeat mode if it's a daily or select day.

  • Press + to add or press Edit and press the clock to change
  • On the dialer below set it to your time you want to wake up (5:55 AM) or (5:55 PM)
  • On the top, press "Repeat" and set your dates to be always reminded
  • Save the event and it'll have an ON switch
  • Before you go to bed, have the volume on the cell turned way high. You can validate it by going to settings/sound and sliding the volume to max

Note if you have an iHome or other variant, some have an app that goes with the hardware and you can make it play your music on the buzzer. Be sure to follow it's instructions on adding your alarms.

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