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air time expired


air time expired

Around the 14th of December, my wife tried to refill our account on at&t's online pay as you go site, but the site was down and wouldn't let her add money.  She bought a messaging packet with the money already on my phone.  I had money left on my phone and now the air time is expired and all of my money is gone.  My wife's phone is the same way, we both had money on our phones and had never had a problem with air time expiring before, but now we fill ripped off because our money is gone and we cannot make any phone calls and the messaging packages we bought, are useless.. all money wasted.Man Frustrated

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Re: air time expired

I'm not blaming you, but I would have waited before purchasing a messaging package to add extra funds to both accounts. That way, none of this would have happened.

Unfortunately, there is no money to be credited back to your account(s) because the money expired on the appropriate expiration date.

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