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activate old phone


activate old phone

anyone have an idea how much it costs to activate a different phone than the one listed on my account? I lost my phone yesterday and I deactivated it in case it was stolen (so no one downloads stupid crap I'll have to pay for), but I've got this crappy one lying around that I had before (also from ATT). I can't really afford to up and buy a new "no commiment priced" phone, I just want them to activate this one I already have.


Anyone know how much it would be, or if they'll even do it?

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Re: activate old phone

No, it will cost you nothing.


Call Customer Service to the number 800 331-0500 or 611 from your wireless. Explain your issue and ask them to change the IMEI number to register the one from your old phone.


You can find the IMEI dialing *#06# or at the back of your phone, removing the battery.


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Re: activate old phone

You can go into an AT&T store to get a new sim card for your old phone.  My daughter did this when her phone was stolen.  We called AT&T to report her phone as stolen and to deactivate her sim card.  She then used my old phone and a nearby corporate store gave her a newly activated sim card for free.

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