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about a-list


about a-list

I am very new to at&t. Was scrolling through and am wondering what this a- list thing is about.

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Re: about a-list

A list allows you to set certain number (in your list) so that all calls to and from those numbers do not count against your airtime.  individual gets 5 numbers and family plans get 10 numbers.  So basically you get unlimited calling to and from those numbers.  There are a few restriction on the types of numbers you cannot use (ie 900, your voicemail box number, international etc). 


A-List: An Introduction
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Re: about a-list

Oh ok ty! Ummm how do i set that up?
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Re: about a-list

If you read the link to the FAQ I posted, you saw this this link


You activate and manage your A-List from your myWireless Account. See our A-List: Getting Started Guide to learn how to add this feature to your account and set up your A-List online.


Follow all three steps.


Also be sure you qualify.

Am I eligible for A-List?

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Re: about a-list

imho a list is a great deal. plus the rollover minutes no one else offers...

between those two iv'e got around 10,000 rollover minutes

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Re: about a-list

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