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Yeah, right. Update works.


Yeah, right. Update works.

Here's the deal...I get error 801811A3.  I do what the Microsoft site says to FixIt.  Well, great!  Our virus software sees that as a threat.  I then have to reboot everything to even get MS's other stellar piece of software (Zune) to find the update.  Does it work?  Of course not.  I try this twice.  What next?  I use the MS phone support tool.  It downloads software, says connect to Zune and update the phone.  Surprise, surprise!  I get error 801811A3 again.  Guess who's going to give me new phones with the NoCanDo and updates preinstalled?  Microsoft's software acumen does me proud.

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Re: Yeah, right. Update works.

I googled the error number.


This leads to a table of error numbers that includes yours. When you click on the error number, it takes you to the fixit for your problem, which it says has to do with BITS.


Hope this helps

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