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Xpress Mail on N95-3?


Xpress Mail on N95-3?

Hello Everyone,

I recently got the new and much awaited Unlocked Nokia N95-3 from Nokia USA. I was looking for some good push based email clients to configure gmail on my mobile and came to know about Xpress Mail from Cingular. I registered myself and selected Nokia E62 as the phone model in the device selection, as it also runs on S60 V3 and downloaded & installed the desktop client on my desktop pc. I did the mail type configuration using gmail IMAP type settings and got the desktop client connected. Now on my N95 when i open the Xpress Mail program it prompts me with the registration process begining with the mobile number. After entering my mobile number and going to next screen i get Account Type with (no data) in it.

Is this because the phone N95 isn't from Cingular? Or is it that i missed some step in Xpress Mail configuration?

Thanks and Regards,

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Re: Xpress Mail on N95-3?

i know that the unlocked n95-3 works fine with our application. Maybe your data settings arent set correctly? I would try googling the n95 data settings.

Maybe someone else can chime in on this one.
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Re: Xpress Mail on N95-3?

Just picked up an N95-3, and having the same problems trying to setup xpress mail.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Xpress Mail on N95-3?

I have now switched to emoze ( which i feel is much easier to setup and use.


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Re: Xpress Mail on N95-3?

Thanks for the pointer, I'll try it out.

With regards to Xpress Mail, I think the problem is that when I start the Xpress Mail app, it seems to be looking for a profile (I get the message "searching for profile" for a split second).  SInce I have not defined a profile yet, it returns an error "no data".

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