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Xpress Mail invalid login


Xpress Mail invalid login

I cannot get the desktop piece to connect.  I can log into the xpress mail site just fine.
I have installed the desptop piece on 2 different machines now with the same error.
Just started happening this morning.
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Re: Xpress Mail invalid login

Same here ... It started this morning after rebooting the desktop.  I, too, can login to the website, but THAT simply tells me that my desktop client has not been loaded.  It offers me a chance to download the same version I already have.
Is this issue (maybe) related to the other threads about the server being too busy (Error 7147)?
I really need this application to work, today in particular.  Seems the gremlins always show up at the most inopportune times.
I'll forward an email to Seven, and see if they can help.  Wish us luck.
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Re: Xpress Mail invalid login: RESOLUTION

OK, I fixed this on my machine ... I completely uninstalled the client, rebooted, removed a couple of remaining registry keys (did a search for Xpress Mail, and deleted two of the keys that showed up), and then reinstalled and rebooted.  It all seems OK for now.
Note, I needed to re-register my device after all was done.
Hope this helps,
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Re: Xpress Mail invalid login: RESOLUTION

These issues should no longer be occuring. Can you try again see if its still happening?
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