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Xpress Mail gone Bonkers?


Xpress Mail gone Bonkers?

I have the Tilt and have 2 email accounts, one yahoo and one from my local isp.  As of yesterday no emails from yahoo have come
through.  However emails from my local isp come through pronto.  When I manually check yahoo email from the Tilt at first I was
getting a message that it could not connect to the server, so I did a Reset All Data from the express mail settings after the reset
I tried to login to my yahoo account and I now got a message that "Your Yahoo password has changed.  Please re-enter your new
password and click ok.  I never changed my password!  Now when I log into Yahoo on my laptop I have no problems at all.
Same user name Same old password.  I even went into Messaging highlighted the Yahoo account went to menu chose delete
did a soft reset and the Yahoo account is still listed.  I'm lost and confused and frustrated.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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