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Xpress Mail/Phone Restarting please HELP


Xpress Mail/Phone Restarting please HELP

For a long time I have been using my Xpress mail with a POP account.  Just recently my "password expired" which know it hasn't.  Ever since my mail won't update.  I try to delete the account to add it again but when I attempt this the phone restarts itself.  And of course the account is still there.  Then I try to just add another account (the same POP account) and it gives me an error message.  What can I do to fix this?  Help Please.

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Re: Xpress Mail/Phone Restarting please HELP

What model phone do you have?  Some phones, especially Windows Mobile Smartphones, can act strangely if you are running low on memory.  If that is the case, (even if you are not using Windows Mobile.) try uninstaling some programs to free up memory.


Without more details, the only other thing I can ask is if you've done a hard reset?   

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