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Xpress Mail - Periodic Service Interruptions


Xpress Mail - Periodic Service Interruptions

Has anyone been experiencing this? I've had my Treo 750 for about Four months now and once I got it all set up, it's been working like a charm. Starting two weeks ago however, I've been having ODD service interruptions with getting mail from my GMAIL account. Now - I have two email accounts set up on Xpress Mail. The Optimum Online still works fine. It's the GMAIL that is not receiving emails as it should. Even with a manual sync it won't receive the emails, but hours later, I'll get a massive dump eventually. I've tried testing it by sending an email from GMAIL with the PDA to another account and when I sync, that goes through fine! If I reply, I won't receive the reply on my PDA although it's there in my GMAIL account.

Anyone having a similar issue lately? Is it related specifically to GMAIL?
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