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Xpress Mail Desktop utility disconnecting - S7121


Xpress Mail Desktop utility disconnecting - S7121

I run the Desktop utility on a laptop inside the company firewall to gain access to my Lotus Notes account.
I can log onto the Express Mail user web site and see my emails.
I select Send/Receive on my BalckJack II after selecting File on the menu bar of the utility I watch as the Utility goes from Disconnect to Connect.
I have notice this in the past, It will flicker back and forth during an update.
However, now it just switches to "Connect" and stays there.
This is the second device I have run Xpress mail on and I continue to have the same issue.
If I had a dollar for everytime I reset all Data, ReRegistered the device, Reset the Xpress Mail account, removed and reinstalled the PDA Component and Restart the device vis soft reset, Hard reset, Battery pull witha nd without SIM card installed, I would be a wealthy man.
Does anyone have any idea why this solution is SO unstable?
Thanks, Swaz1
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Re: Xpress Mail Desktop utility disconnecting - S7121

I don't have an answer about the apparent lack of "stability" but I will tell you what I do to make Xpressmail usable: restart the desktop connector daily and ignore the connect / disconnect status indicator.  (Other than "disconnected" really means disconnected and "connected" may or may not mean connected.  Smiley Wink )

I've been using Xpressmail for about two years now on my HP iPaq.  For as long as I've been using Xpressmail, I have observed that after a few days, the conector will still say "connected", but I get "S7" errors.  If I disconnect, then reconnect, all is ok...for a few days, and I have to repeat.   It would appear that the Xpressmail servers timeout my connection but the desktop connector does not realize this.  So now, I just restart the desktop connector each morning before I leave the office and all is good for 24hs, usually.  Only once did I think I needed a complete reinstall and re-register, but in fact the Xpressmail servers were down so it wasn't a problem with the client software, desktop connector, nor my internet connections.

The one other deficiency is that the push mail doesn't seem that reliable.  So I've simply configured the client to retreive mail every 30min.  (Which is the smallest interval.)  This is sufficient for my needs.

But basically, once I got in the habit of restarting the desktop connector, I've had almost no problems with the desktop redirector version of Xpressmail.
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