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Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!


Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

I am on AT&T.  I had de-branded using Davinci way back when I first got the phone.  Last night I (USB) connected to the PC Companion software and was offered the update to 2.1


Phone is much more responsive, for example using the dial pad, there is no lag when tapping phone numbers.


Bob H


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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Yes, and I love the way you put it.
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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

well just recently the unofficial x10 blog posted a tutorial on how to debrand it manually. i'm still confused though since i'm not exactly too experienced as far as android goes, and i don't want to brick my phone.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

What is that link?
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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

I'm not sure, but maybe this is the link:


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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

I tried the procedure from that link I listed a few days ago, above.  It didn't work for me.  Not sure why...maybe Sony/Ericsson updated their PC Companion software to prevent it?  (Basically, when I overwrote the firmware files that PC Companion downloaded with my preferred firmware files, PC Companion complained about "corrupted file" or "couldn't successfully download the files" or something like that, and then terminated the firmware update.  And the alternate method described in the instructions didn't work either.)


However I did succeed in getting 2.1 loaded using the "FlashTool 0.2.5" from the xda developers site.  Google will find it if you search on "flashtool 0.2.5".  But there was a hitch in the instructions - a couple versions back the authors of the utility switched from expecting the Android firmware to be represented as a bunch of separate *.sin files to a new thing they call FTF. (Maybe that's Flash Tool File?)  Basically the *.sin files are bundled together into a single FTF file.  But most of the firmware downloads I found are still a bunch of *.sin files.  Well, technically, a single ZIP file containing a bunch of *.sin files.  The FlashTool looks for FTF files, which you must provide, to list in the window where you choose which firmware you want to flash.  But if you only have the *.sin files then the selection window is empty!  Here's the part where the instructions didn't quite tell the whole story (or I just missed it?) -- the FlashTool can bundle all the *.sin files, which collectively define one flash image for your X10, into one FTF file.  The option to bundle the *.sin files is on the menu bar under "Advanced > Bundle Creation".


After you've created your FTF file, the FlashTool will list it in the selection window that pops up when you click the Flash button.  If you download several firmwares and turn each one into its own FTF file, then the FlashTool will list all of them (assuming all the FTF files are in the same folder) and you can choose which one you want to use.




(cuz we were all noobs once)


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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Well i bit the bullet when i got tired of waiting for at@t to give the update and I used devinciteam and flashed my phone and got the 2.1 update. Makes the phone so much better. I am in no way tech savy and have no idea how to do it myself or how to root and such. So for anyone who has 15 dollars and some time on their hands. For anyone who can download a couple of files and find them and click on them. For anyone who can follow directions on a page. For anyone who has some knowledge of how to work their phone I strongly recommend using devinciteam to flash your phone so you can get the update. It took me a while to figure some things out and had to email devinci a couple of times with questions but when i got it going it was very easy and now im so much happier with my phone and will probably use them again if I ever buy another phone from at@t. So stop thinking can I do it and go to their webpage and get started on having a better phone experience.

Ps make sure and use the live chat and get what file you will be flashing to before you begin.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

That is great!! $15 is a small price to pay for a much better phone. Now you can remove the AT&T crapware, sideload apps, tether for free, and a few other things AT&T doesn't want you to do. I highly recommend everyone going this route. I hate the fact that AT&T is attempting to lock down an open system in the first place, but if AT&T isn't even going to provide upgrades to the operating system, this is the best route to go.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

So, my basic question is.....  if I use either the "manual" method or the davinci method.... can I get my xperia x10 back exactly the way it was with AT&T (spit) if I need to?


The reason I ask is right now I actually use the pathetically awful Work Email program that AT&T (spit) put on the phone becuase there is no exchange support.  Unfortunately, this is the phone I must use and I have to have full exchange support.  As much as the Work Email program is really bad, it does work.


If I de-brand and root the phone and go to 2.1 and I just can't use exchange, I will have no choice but to go back.


And to make matters worse, stupid AT&T (spit) made it so we cannot use the Sony Ericsson backup and restore utility.  How can I back up the phone before I attempt to upgrade to 2.1.


AT&T is just pure evil.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Im pretty sure if you flash that you can put it back the way it was using the sony update software. Ive read of people flashing and it didnt work right or whatever and them putting the old software back on the phone. In reguards to your other question once you flash your phone the backup and restore app appears on your phone and you are able to back up and then update your software and then use restore the put the stuff back on your phone like it was intended to be used. Hope that helps ya.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Maybe I had too many beers last night.....  sorry to sound like a dolt here, but if I flash the phone isn't that erasing everything on the phone when it flashes it?


What good would running the backup and restore utlilty do after I've already flashed the phone to a non-branded phone?  Again, maybe I'm missing something.


Regardless, thank you for taking the time to reply to my message

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

This is my first post...


Got the xperia in late dec and decided that i would hold onto it until the update came out.


passed the 30 days but I really like the phone. Been coming into this forum and see that I could flash my phone and get the update - learned everything from these forums.  Before I got this phone, I didn;t know a single thing about android systems and smartphones or flashing/debranding....that was just gibberish to me.


Saw today that SE issuing a new update for the x10 that has multi touch pinch to zoom and I already knew that the 2.1 update was a big upgrade on the phone itself. Lots of people have come in here to say how easy it was to flash the phone via daVinci and then get the update. So I jumped in and tried it.


1. it's really as easy as everyone says it is - i'm definitely a noob when it comes to smartphone systems..and I had the phone flashed via davinci and upgraded to 2.1 vi SEUS in about a half hour


2. if you don;t get this upgrade, you're not really getting the most out of the's a totally new phone - and very smart on 2.1.


3. you can get better apps all you want.


4. no att crap at all. no restrictions.


5. now i can backup my phone and get any updates available by SE without being left behind by att.


6. HD video now enabled


7. live wallpaper is cool


8 5 screens for apps/widgets


9. all the keying is easier and the phone has things more smartly arranged - like the menus, app screen, notifications are easier to see...etc


10. It cost me 14 bucks...big deal. If SE ever jumps up and sends another upgrade out, i can get it for free.


now, one day, att may send out the 2.1 update. Or, they may not and try to convince you to upgrade to another phone. I'm cool with this for a long time now.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Which Dacinci did you get?  I saw a list of several for the x10.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

you mean firmware version?


This is the one the website said to use for US phones:




The one I found that was closest to that was R2BA026 CUSTOMIZED GEL sensuous black

That worked!!


I also noticed two other things from my upgrade to v 2.1 today- I now have multi-touch pinch to zoom functionality in the browser, google maps and some other apps as well. On my brief run out of the house in the sleet today, I noticed that i didn't see a "3G" on my phone, but rather an "H"


I tested just about all problems. calls in/out, texts, internet, gps...all seem to work as usual.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Any chance you've checked out exchange support? Right now I actually use the crappy "Work email" app AT&T put on the phone because I have to have exchange for work.

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Re: Xperia X10 - 2.1 Update is Great!

Sorry,no. You can set up an unlimited number of pop3 or in ap email accounts. The work email app isn't present.
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